Scholarship Applications

Each year, one scholariship is awarded to a high school senior or current college student in each LMCGPC division (Guard, Percussion, and Winds). The scholariship recipients will be announced and publicly acknowledged at the beginning of the award ceremony for Championships. The deadline for eligible applications is March 1, 2020. CLICK HERE for the application.

Student Rosters

CLICK HERE for the student roster form that is REQUIRED BY ALL COMPETING UNITS. This form must be turned in AT YOUR FIRST PERFORMANCE.

Guard Judge Symposium



Unit Registration Open

Unit Registration is Now Open! Please make sure to follow these steps when registering your unit(s).

  1. Sign-In to your CompetitionSuite account.
  2. Select the ensemble you are affiliated with on the left side panel.
  3. At the top, select the “Registration” tab.
  4. Select which type of membership you wish to purchase (with or without Championships).
  5. DO NOT CLICK NEW GROUP UNLESS THE SCHOOL OR UNIT HAS NEVER USED COMPETITION SUITE. For existing groups, use the search bar for your ensemble and complete the additional information.
  6. If you have a second group within the same classification (JV groups) then you would click “Add Additional Group” and repeat the above info.
  7. Once you are ready, click the orange “Complete Membership” button on the right.
  8. You are then prompted to the billing portion. Please fill out the necessary information.
  9. If you need a quote to process for payment, then please make that selection. If all you need is an invoice then you can choose that option. Credit card payments are allowed but will be charged a percentage rate for processing.
  10. Click “Save Payment Options” and an email will be sent with your quote or invoice.  

Don’t forget that the deadline for unit registration is November 24th WITH payment! Any payment or registration turned in after this date will incur a $50 late fee.

If you sign up a unit and that unit folds – you are responsible for letting us know prior to the deadline or you will still be financially responsible.

Please do not hesitate to ask any of the board members if you have any questions. Show Sign-Ups will be available next week. Remember that all shows are limited to the first 50 units and then we start a wait list. Start planning now.

Fall Meeting Minutes