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As you know, we will again be using CompetitionSuite as our tabulation and commentary system.  This was paid for as part of your unit membership fees.  Here are a few things that you need to know regarding CS:
---If you were registered with CS last year and none of your information has changed-you're with the same unit and have the same cell phone number-you should be good to go. Please check to make sure that everything is good through the CS website which is If you have any problems or questions, please contact customer support at
---If you were registered with CS last year but you are now with a different school, you will need to go in and change your affiliation.  That can be done through your account as well.  If you do not change your unit affiliation you will not get the comments for the group that you are with now.  Also, if you have a new cell phone number you will need to go in and edit your information. 
---If you are new to the circuit this year as a director you will need to create your own account.  That can be done through the following link:
---If you were registered with CS last year and you are with the same group, but you have added a group (ie. a feeder unit or if you are now working with another school in addition to the one you are registered with) you need to create an account for that group.  Randy has added these new groups to our data base, but you need to create your account for this new group in order to get their comments.  That can also be done at:
---If you want to add staff members to your list of people who get comments for your groups you can do that at the above link as well. You can put as many users as you want on your account, but please be judicious as to who you give access to.  Please do not give parents access to these files unless of course they are staff members.
Please take care of this as soon as you can, especially if your group is competing this coming weekend at Gulfport H.S.  Once you submit your request, Randy has to approve it, so the account is not created immediately.  And again, please contact customer support at  if you have any questions.