Virtual Show #1

     10AM on FloMarching

  Virtual Show #2

     10AM on FloMarching

  Virtual Show #3

     10AM on FloMarching
Denham Springs H.S. Show
  Gulfport H.S. Show

  Virtual Show #4

     10AM on FloMarching
Dutchtown H.S. Show
  Harrison Central H.S. Show

  Virtual Show #5

     10AM on FloMarching

  Virtual Championships

     10AM on FloMarching
  Solo & Ensemble
     10AM on FloMarching




Virtual Event #1 & FloMarching

Remember that the window for submitting videos for Virtual Event #1 begins Sunday, February 21st at Noon and will close Wednesday, February 23rd at Noon. The event itself will air on Saturday, February 27th beginning at 10am and be available on FloMarching through Tuesday, March 2nd at 10am. Awards will be announced virtually on Sunday, February 22nd on or before 5pm. 

Tutorial Video Links:
Generic Upload Help Video
Account Setup Video

Virtual Uploader Link(s):
Group - Active Link


  • Videos must be one take – spliced footage will not be accepted.
  • Viewpoint should be from an elevated perspective. Zooming in or moving camera is not permitted.
  • Audio microphone placement is not restricted. Color guards may want to add an audio feed to their recordings.
  • You will be required to upload your videos for each show separately to FloMarching. 
  • Use of a more recent performance video for each contest is allowed, but not required.
  • All videos must be uploaded by the video upload deadline date or the entry will be disqualified.
  • The program must own rights to this video (recorded it yourself) and consent to it being posted on FloMarching for use in this Virtual Competition and to LMCGPC for use in any advertising or educational purposes.


Registration Opens
January 29th at 10AM


FloMarching Calendar

Registration Info & More

Unit Directors and Instructors,

First of all, I want to thank all of you for your understanding and patience through these difficult times. As many of you can attest, nothing is normal these days and seem to change on a daily basis! With that being said, I am extremely hopeful and excited to offer our students, performers, community, and YOU the opportunity to do what we love. As we have said before, we must be fluid in our planning and make decisions based on the safety of everyone involved. I know many of us are struggling with uncertainty, missing students from rehearsals, and lacking funds that we normally have available, but I thank you for pushing through it all and giving our youth something to look forward to. Please do not hesitate to reach out to any board member with questions, concerns, help, or even a listening ear to vent to. We are one big family united through the art of performing, musicality, and leadership. I applaud each and every one of you for the outstanding jobs you do and the everlasting impact you will have on someone's life. Now, on to the important stuff.

Registration will open at 10am on Friday, January 29 through Competition Suite. For the most part, this process will resemble past seasons. Please see the attached Registration Guide on how to obtain membership and register for these events. If any mistakes are made, please contact Craig or Randy as soon as possible. PLEASE READ THE GUIDE!!!

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with FloMarching starting this season. With most circuits going virtual, they are expanding their offerings. Subscriptions can be purchased on a monthly or yearly basis. The cost per month is $30 and only $150 for a yearly subscription. Keep in mind that this covers ALL marching arts events throughout the year, not just our circuit. Live events will NOT be broadcasted through FloMarching this season, but will include at least one mid-season show and Championships in 2022. All virtual performances, including solo and ensemble, will be shown this season. Please see the attached schedule pertaining to deadlines with FloMarching. More information will be sent out in the coming weeks.

  • All virtual events will be available at 10am on the scheduled show date.
  • All videos will be taken down at 10am the Tuesday following the scheduled show.

Video Uploads
All video submissions will be uploaded through a link that will be sent out through Competition Suite. Directions will be sent at a later date on how to upload video submissions. This is the information we do have now:

  • Video uploading window will open at Noon the Sunday prior to the show date.
  • Video uploading window will close at Noon the Tuesday prior to the show date.

Official scores will be posted on our website and FloMarching by 5pm the Sunday following the show date.

Live Shows
A detailed explanation of how live, in-person events will happen will be forthcoming. Some information will be dependent upon the show host, but most of these restrictions will be governed by the LMCGPC with the guidance of WGI and CDC. Please keep in mind that EVERYONE will be required to wear a face mask including performers and spectators.

Student Rosters
As usual we are requiring student rosters to be completed and turned in prior to YOUR first show. Since we are mostly participating in virtual events, those forms need to be emailed. Cortney will be collecting them this season so please send those to cortney@lmcgpc.org or her usual email cortney1946@gmail.com. If you can, send it in a PDF format to be sure it is accessible. Remember all scholastic units must have an administrators signature and all independent units must include documentation of age (driver’s license, birth certificate, etc). The link to access this form is: http://www.lmcgpc.org/lmcgpc-student-roster-form

I think this is enough for now. Stay tuned for the next update soon. Again, please do not hesitate to reach out! We are all in this together!!!

Craig Byers
Executive Director

Registration Update

Unit Directors and Instructors,

We are diligently preparing all aspects of CompetitionSuite and FloMarching to coincide to make your experience easy and hassle-free. Please DO NOT register for membership or try to complete show sign-ups until you receive a message from me. Unfortunately, since each area or circuit is different, there are many adjustments to be made and many people involved in the process. I know you all want to get things started but rest assured it all will happen and be okay in the end.

Please keep in mind that virtual shows will take place the following weekends:
February 27
March 6
March 13
March 20
March 27
April 10 - Championships

The following are dates and locations for in-person shows:
March 13 - Denham Springs HS, Denham Springs, LA and Gulfport HS, Gulfport, MS
March 20 - Dutchtown HS, Geismar, LA and Harrison Central HS, Gulfport, MS

I hope to have things sorted out by tomorrow afternoon for both registration and show sign-ups!


Craig Byers, Executive Director
Louisiana-Mississippi Color Guard & Percussion Circuit